When I first tried to rent the home, it would take three calls to Stressfree before I would get a call back. Then the manager, Crystal, was rude, and had the most surly and apathetic attitude I'd ever seen.

These were RED FLAGS. But, my wife liked the home, so I acquiesed and rented anyway. Our first repair took a month to get fixed. Another RED FLAG.

Once again, it was call, call, email, call; then finally a return. Take this complaint for what it is......run run run!!!!!

In my opinion, they dont care as much as the owner says they care. Or, doesnt know how poor his manager is running it.

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stay away from this company...officestaff sucks.....and should be fired and shut down for breaking fairhousing laws...contacting a attorney


Yes, we too received red flags while looking at their property to rent. First; they did not give me the right code after calling 3 or 4 times to actually get the code (lady said she would call back or leave a message to call back).

Second, the locks were said to be changed a week after we moved in...we called and they said they weren't going to change them! Third, A/C guys were supposed to come earlier in the evening and since the company doesn't have but 2 repair men for A/C, they came maybe 9:30 (that's bed time!)!

Now, we are trying to get our deposit back. For one, they didn't notify us for an inspection when we clearly asked to be notified so we could be there. We have been calling to see when we would get the check and they told us it was in the mail.

They told us to call back to find out the amount. We called and they said they would call back to tell us the amount before they closed that day. NO they did not call! Next day we call and they said they haven't even sent the check!

Please warn people about this company! They are a scam!

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