We were IDEAL, CLEAN tenants that that paid our rent on time each and every month.

The company is charging us the following fees:

$45.00 House Cleaning Fee: We forgot to clean ONE ceiling fan, which was in the master bedroom. The vents of the air conditioner have RUST on them and were bent from previous tenant use; they were cleaned with an appropriate solution and vacuumed at the time of move out, their trying to charge us for cleaning them. The refrigerator ice dispenser plate was in THE SAME condition as when we moved into the home and was cleaned as best as possible without actually replacing the plate which is what the Company should have done BEFORE we leased it. The staining on it could not be removed with the toughest cleaner or strong scrubbing. To us, this was a vanity issue, which the company does not handle. The refrigerator was obviously in used condition, as the arms were discolored and it was cleaned not only on the interior, but the sides, back, top and front at the time we moved out. The shower floor in the master bedroom is OLD, the shower was cleaned BETTER than it was from DAY ONE of renting this home. The grout is embedded with mildew FROM YEARS of use and abuse, not from one year of leasing that included weekly cleaning of both bathrooms. The hall bathroom, from day one, tub paint was peeling, so again, that shows the wear and tear that was already in the home when we leased it. I would gladly accept my part for missing one ceiling fan.

$190.00 Pest Control Fee: The home was fogged ONE week before moving. It was done as a precautionary measure, not because we had pest issues. I would also like to add, since DAY ONE of moving into the home, there were cobwebs and house spiders from previous tenants that WE had to clean, so pest control on the companies end was never handled to begin with.

$155.00 cleaning of Air Conditioner: Not only was the air filter changed monthly, but a new one was LITERALLY placed in the evening of move-out. As the company stated to me directly in written communication, it is not in the lease showing it to be our responsibility to clean the coils. We brought up from the start, upon moving in, we had no heat or air in the home and it took the Company four days to send someone out to repair it, while we lived in 30 degree temperatures with an infant in the home. Even the people that came to fix it stated to us, the air system was very old and due for replacement. The company refused. I should not have to pay for coils being cleaned, that is an AC techs job and NOT IN THE LEASE.

I would also like to state at move-in, the fence was in disrepair from the start, the kitchen sink was FILTHY with mildew at move-in, as well as in the master shower. Previous tenants had literally dumped charcoal all over the back yard, which WE picked up. The toilet in the hall bath constantly ran, even though the company sent someone out to fix it, wasting water. Someone had stolen the Verizon equipment that previous tenants had. Twice we had to have someone come out to the home to repair the hall shower as it was leaking, even then, the spout would pull out from the wall. Windows were missing screens. Wiring was not done correctly in some rooms and one of the spare rooms had mismatched closet doors that would not close. I refuse to be held accountable for the disrepair of the home that had already existed at time of move in.

The home we rented was left in immaculate condition, in better than what it was when we moved in, with the exception of ONE ceiling fan. I don’t know what the company thinks it can pull on people that rent your homes, but I will not stand by and be bullied into believing we did something wrong. Are there bad renters out there? Sure, BUT we were excellent, clean tenants.

I am fighting to get the balance of my security deposit, with the exception of the one ceiling fan fee. This company leases homes that have pre-existing problems. The company NEVER sent an inspector to do a walk-thru as promised when we leased it.

The company currently has 25 complaints with the Better Business Bureau, which I have contacted. Reviews online about your company also claim you often use pest control excuses such as “fleas” as an issue to keep deposits, even when tenants did not have pets.

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Do they have walk ins ? Where they check who lives there ?

Largo, Florida, United States #872692

I would like to speak with the person that posted this. I am having similar issues and considering taking them to small claims court. My email is lsage130@gmail.com

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #818454

Well got to love renting, I find most renters are slobs, and lazy. Would love to see if someone would treat their stuff, the same way.


This is why you ALWAYS do a final walk-thru with someone from staff, before you hand over your keys.

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